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.net Hosting: 3 simple plans:

ALL optimized for dot net programming, and equally hospitable to php, with your choice of database.


"Cottage"    $75/year

Hosting for one feature-rich domain that does not require E-commerce. While this is our smallest package, it is a generous space for business presentations and has all the features, database rights, ease of use and stability the others enjoy. It includes plenty of space for photos or music files, so it's also perfect for a personal, hobby or family site. Photo galleries and chat features are at hand for one-click installation.

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"Condo"    $175/year

Hosting for a single E-commerce domain, or any site selling products or collecting customer information that needs to be kept secure. A dedicated IP and SSL certificate are INCLUDED in the price. This is a good account for portals, mailing lists and bulletin boards with scripts we supply, as well as for storefronts. Portals with moderately high traffic, extensive databases and numerous child portals fit here.

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"Castle"    $240/year

When a single domain won't do, this plan hosts up to 4 domains and includes a whopping GIG of disk space. SSL certificates along with the required lease of a dedicated IP address can be set up for any or all domains in the account, for an additional fee. Just send us a request after logging into your Control Panel.

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